Internet-Based Flood Detection System (Iot) and Telegram Messenger Using Mcu Node and Water Level Sensor

Novianda Novianda(1*), Rizalul Akram(2), Liza Fitria(3),

(1) Universitas Samudra
(*) Corresponding Author


During the rainy season, several regions in Indonesia experienced floods even to the capital of Indonesia also flooded. Some of the causes are the high intensity of continuous rain, clogged or non-smooth drainage, high tides to accommodate the flow of water from rivers, other causes such as forest destruction, shallow and full of garbage and other causes. Every flood disaster comes, often harming the residents who experience it. The late anticipation from the community and the absence of an early warning system or information that indicates that there will be a flood so that the community is not prepared to face floods that cause a lot of losses. Therefore it is necessary to have a detection system to provide early warning if floods will occur, this is very important to prevent material losses from flooded residents. From this problem the researchers designed an internet-based flood detection System of Things (IoT). This tool can later be controlled via a smartphone remotely and can send messages Telegram messenger to citizens if the detector detects a flood will occur.
Keywords: Flooding, Smartphone, Telegram messenger, Internet of Thing (IoT).


Banjir, Smartpohe, Telegram messenger, Internet of Thing (IoT)

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