Path Smoothing With Support Vector Regression

Donni Richasdy(1*), Saiful Akbar(2),

(*) Corresponding Author


One of moving object problems is the incomplete data that acquired by Geo-tracking technology. This phenomenon can be found in aircraft ground-based tracking with data loss come near to 5 minutes. It needs path smoothing process to complete the data. One solution of path smoothing is using physics of motion, while this research performs path smoothing process using machine learning algorithm that is Support Vector Regression (SVR). This study will optimize the SVR configuration parameters such as kernel, common, gamma, epsilon and degree. Support Vector Regression will predict value of the data lost from aircraft tracking data. We use combination of mean absolute error (MAE) and mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) to get more accuracy. MAE will explain the average value of error that occurs, while MAPE will explain the error percentage to the data. In the experiment, the best error value MAE 0.52 and MAPE 2.07, which means error data ± 0.52, this is equal to 2.07% of the overall data value.
Keywords: Moving Object, Path Smoothing, Support Vector Regression, MAE


Moving Object; Path Smoothing; Support Vector Regression; MAE

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