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Agrotekma: Jurnal Agroteknologi dan Ilmu Pertanian

ISSN 2548-7841 (Print) | ISSN 2614-011X (Online)

Agrotekma is a Scientific Journal of Agro Technology located at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Medan Area. Journal of Agrotekma presents the results of research with quantitative and qualitative approaches that are sourced on the development of cultivation research of plants and the protection of organic crops that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is published twice a year, every December and June.

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Jurnal BIAGROTEK ini merupakan jurnal gabungan yang mangakomodir  disiplin ilmu-ilmu eksakta sehingga merupakan salah satu media jurnal bagi Fakultas Biologi, Pertanian dan Teknik di lingkungan Universitas Medan Area disamping jurnal-jurnal fakultas yang sudah ada.

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